RAW Classic Rolling Papers 1 1/4 – 24pk


Introducing RAW Classic Rolling Papers 1 1/4 – 24pk, the epitome of quality and tradition in the world of smoking accessories.

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Crafted from natural, unrefined fibers, RAW Classic Rolling Papers provide a smooth, clean smoke that enhances the flavor of your chosen herb. Each paper is meticulously made to ensure consistency and integrity, allowing for an effortless rolling experience every time.

With a 1 1/4 size, these rolling papers strike the perfect balance between convenience and capacity, making them ideal for both solo sessions and sharing among friends. The 24-pack format ensures that your customers always have an ample supply on hand, whether they’re enjoying a casual smoke or preparing for a special occasion.

RAW Classic Rolling Papers are renowned for their purity and sustainability, reflecting the commitment of Cloud Supply to offer products that prioritize quality and environmental consciousness. By choosing RAW Classic Rolling Papers, your customers embrace a tradition of excellence and authenticity that transcends generations.


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