Futurola Pre Rolled Cones – Tyson Ranch Terpene-Infused Blunt Cones


Don’t have time to roll or you don’t know how? No worries, Futurola is here to make your next sesh as simple as possible. Each pre rolled cones come with a filter tip already secured in the cone, all you have to do is grab, pack, and light up! Futurola x Mike Tyson Pre-Rolled Cones are handcrafted to the highest quality-control standards using super thin Futurola Rolling Paper.

  • Are you a heavy toker? Grab a bulk box of our Futurola rolling cones, save the extra trip to the store and few bucks when purchasing in large quantities. 100% authentic Furutrola Cones, each filter tip displays the futurola logo for assurance.
  • Futurola only uses the highest quality, thinnest Rolling Paper, made in France with organic Arabic gum from the acacia tree. Futurola has curated high end precoll cones for an affordable price. tobacco-free CONE infused with natural terpenes inspired by Mike Tyson’s favorite, The Toad.
  • Each Futurola preroll cones have a patented criss-cross fiber design creating a slow, clean, & even burning cone helping you to avoid canoeing. Our cones produce clean tasting smoke that is light and pure, manufactured with zero additives.
  • All Futurola cones are compatible with the Futurola Knockboxes in comparable sizes. Purchase your cones in bulk to pair with your new cone filling machine! Perfect for growers and shops looking to streamline their filling process. Each prerolled cone fit in various sizes of pre rolled tubes for resale.


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